21 Feb 2018


 Deputy Prime Minister for Implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement and Political System, Mr. Hazbi Lika, today has continued regular coordination meetings with the representatives of the executive composed of the Minister of Environment and Space Planning at the same time Vice President of DUI, Mr. Sadullah Duraku, Minister of Justice, Mr. Bilen Saliji, Minister of Economy, Mr. Kreshnik Bekteshi, Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Mr. Arber Ademi, Secretary of State at the Secretariat for Implementation of the Ohrid Agreement, Mr. Faton Ahmeti and the State Secretary at the Ministry of Culture, Mr. Valmir Aziri.

At this next meeting, the State Secretary, Mr. Valmir Aziri, in front of the audience, presented in detail the annual program of the Ministry of Culture. After a comprehensive debate, this program received full support from the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Lika and the ministers who were present at the meeting.

With this program of the Ministry of Culture:

 is created the Albanian Song and Dance Ansambly

 Works at the Skopje’s Theater are finished

 Works and investments at the Tetovo’s Theater are intensified

 The budget allocation to Albanian culture is quadrupled

 The first Albanian Opera is founded in the Republic of Macedonia

  The famous solist Shkëlzen Doli will perform at the Philharmonic of RM for the first time

The year 2018 is the year when investing in harmful projects such as Skopje 2014 are stopped. The year 2018 is the year when the Ministry of Culture eliminated the veil of the uncertainty and the lack of transparence in bringing the program to the Ministry of Culture. This development and reform program that has the key word of fair representation of Albanians and transparency above all, shows the new spirit of government with this Ministry of Culture. Albanian Culture this year will find meaningful support for all projects of cultural value such as: Days of Naim, Albanian serious music week with the well-known tenor Josif Gjipali, majestic jazz concert, TIF ODA film festival in RM, International Festival of national drama in Tetovo’s Theater, full support of the festival Kenge Jeho Struga, first institutional care and support for the Children's Theater in Skopje, full financing of the Institute of Albanian Spiritual and Cultural Heritage Institute’s program, financial support for the cultural activities of the Flaka e Janarit. Taking into account the jubilee anniversary of the Albanian language‘s alphabet, the Ministry of Culture has foreseen full support for the activities around this jubilee year. The Ministry of Culture has also supported projects of three Albanian state universities in various sectors of culture, in the strategy of the Ministry of Culture is the dispersion, demotropolization and decentralization of institutions and cultural activities, strong support to new associations, young artists and a care maximum to independent artists.

For all those who have not found themselves in this program, they are invited to make complaints to the second instance of the Ministry of Culture. This program provides a sound basis for building, reforming and developing Albanian culture.

With respect,

Sector for Public Relations


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