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Top EU Delegation holds a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Hazbi Lika


11 Jan 2018


 The Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia responsible for implementation of the Ohrid Agreement and Political System, Mr. Hazbi Lika, today (11.01.2018) in the afternoon hosted a working meeting of the European Union's High Representative led by Mr. Jean Christophe Belliard, Political Director for EU Foreign Policy, Mrs. Angelina Eichhrost, Director of Service for Western Europe, Western Balkans and Turkey, Mrs. Genoveva Ruiz Calavera, Director of Enlargement of the European Commission and Mr. Samuel Zbogar, Head of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Macedonia.

At this meeting, the EU Delegation headed by Mr. Belliard congratulated Deputy Prime Minister Lika for approving the Law on the Use of Languages, pointing out that this achievement is a major step towards consolidating the state on the road to integration and building a multiethnic society.

In parallel, Mr. Belliard welcomed Mr. Lika for the positive performance in terms of improving relations with neighboring countries as an indication of the commitment and progress of this new governmental structure. Among the discussions was also highlighted the importance of resolving the name issue with Greece, with the realization of which will benefit a maximum support from the European Union for further integration of the Republic of Macedonia on the Euro-Atlantic path. Among other things Mr. Belliard expressed the need for co-operation between government and opposition political entities for the functioning and prosperity of this country.

Ongoing, the interlocutors discussed the cultural and religious values of the ethnic communities living in the country, emphasizing and welcoming the authentic Islamic values that Macedonia and the countries of the region have in themselves. The message of Mr. Belliard in this aspect was for the citizens to continue to cultivate these traditional values, which serve as an example and positive influence for other European countries.

Finally, Mr. Lika thanked the representatives of the European Union Delegation for their support and tireless contributions, ensuring that the current government will continue to work with dedication in pursuing the dynamics of progress and integration of the Republic of Macedonia.

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