17 Nov 2017


 Deputy Prime Minister, Hazbi Mr. Lika today (Friday, 17.11.2017) attended the ceremony marking the 16th anniversary of the foundation of the South East European University in Tetovo.

In his speech to the participants, Deputy Prime Minister Lika highlighted that it is a special honor to address the solemnity marking the 16th anniversary of the establishment of the South East European University, which, according to him, together with the State University of Tetova established several years ago and after many years with the continuous struggle and struggle of many of the education providers of higher education in Albanian language in Macedonia, marked the continuous rise of higher education in Albanian language.

"After many years of reluctance, after the suppression of higher education in Albanian Language in the last years of the past system and after many vicissitudes that followed us during the rise of these temples especially during the opening of the University of Tetova, the establishment of this University marked a new chapter, which led to institutionalization, a chapter that led to new values, a chapter that led to the creation of new horizons, which bring us closer and join us with modern European and civilized values, " stressed Lika.

To raise the education here in Tetovo, added Lika, certainly the greatest respect deserves the education workers, who sacrificed a lot and put a hard work, and in some years even very dangerous. "But I must especially respect and to emphasize the important role, as well as the contribution of the international community in general, and in particular the OSCE and the  commissar of that time, the deceased Max Van der Stoel , who worked with dedication to open the door of higher education in Macedonia ".

"The results of all these efforts, in which generations  of teachers and professors from Macedonia and all Albanian territories are embodied, are more evident and visible. Tetovo today - the university city, with two universities, does not look like Tetovo we knew two decades ago. The development that higher education has brought is not only felt by Tetovo, it radiates throughout Macedonia, and everywhere where our compatriots live and work, and these two universities have also played an important role in the establishment of Mother Theresa University in Skopje among other things it proves that now in Macedonia reigns a new climate that first removes the prejudices of time and gives the opportunity to look at the perspective with a new perspective, "said Lika. According to him, graduates from the South East European University are now carriers and remarkable frame in many public institutions and private companies, contributing to the social and economic advancement of the country.

"In this regard, I would like to emphasize that we remain committed to the growth and deepening of these results. The Government's continued support - to increase the quality of universities, to better conditions for students and staff, as well as for essential cooperation for the benefit of citizens - will not be missed. Rather, this support will be magnified and intensified. I myself belong to a generation that in the name of these ideals sacrificed a lot. I expect all of us to continue to contribute with dedication to this University, as well as to education in Albanian language in general. We owe to the past generations who sacrificed, but also to those who came. It is our  duty to create the conditions for our youth, which we did not have ourselves. Building a Perspective and a Safer Future hoping that future generations will not be challenged by the same problems as we were facing, but to raise higher the trophies that we surrender to them to forward generation after generation in order to be part of the civilized world where we can give our specialty and participate in universal processes. I invite you to go along the road, which brings progress and development, and to achieve these goals, besides the individual commitment, we should make a collective contribution to the rise of our society as above ", emphasized in his speech the Deputy Prime Minister Hazbi Lika on the 16th anniversary of SEEU.

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