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On the occasion of marking the 109th anniversary of the Congress of Manastir, a solemn concert was held


22 Nov 2017


 On the occasion of marking the 109th anniversary of the Congress of Manastir (Bitola), under the auspices of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Hazbi Lika, in Bitola was held the Solemn Concert under the sound of the Philharmony of the Arts University of Tirana.

Participants in this festive event in honor of the Albanian Alphabet's Day, were also the Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Zaev, Minister of Education, Science and Technology of Kosovo, Mr. Shyqiri Bytyqi, President of DUI, Mr. Ali Ahmeti, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia, Mayor of the Municipality of Bitola, Mayor of Tetovo, as well as many other senior state personalities.

In his speech addressed to the participants, the Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Lika said that we celebrate this day that includes the sacrifices and wisdom of many generations before and after November 1908. We celebrate together, where the Alphabet was born, and was opened a new chapter to the development of our beautiful language, literature and culture.

"The visionary role of the Congress of Manastir and its delegates comes to the expression, especially if we take into the consideration the given historical circumstances. 1908 was a year when a great empire fell, while the temporary vision for freedom and equality brought about by the Xhonturk Revolution began to fade rapidly-whether by chaos itself in domestic politics or by dreams of great empires of the elite's irresponsible politics. In these times, full of challenges and dangers, on the eve of the initiative for the uprising that brought Albania's independence, the alphabet became a powerful tool for national awareness for the unification of progressive forces aimed at freedom and independence. The alphabet served as a pillar of gravitation, around which all those who loved the people of their own began to gravitate, "said Mr. Lika.

In continuation he said that:

"Macedonia has the privilege of having one of the most important events of our history where it can cultivate and promote the example of cooperation, tolerance and respect. Today we are better because we have enough states, institutions, capacities and opportunities and especially a developing democracy that makes it easy for us to work for our common interests. Targets can only be achieved by increasing co-operation and recognizing each other's cultural and linguistic values ​​as the richness of a di color that will serve to further deepen mutual trust. I can say that the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, based on all that is said above, is determined to work for a future where everyone will feel equal, and for this it acted concretely when deciding to propose to the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia the draft law on the use of languages ​​which at this moment we are talking is in parliamentary procedure and I believe that MPs will soon approve it. I believe that this approach will continue to reign further by respecting the rights of all citizens and promising a safer future. "


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